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  New IEU book: "Art and History in the convent of Santa Cruz la Real of Segovia"

AMARC-IEU: 17/12/2018
On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Santa Cruz la Real (1218-2018), the first Dominican convent in Spain and currently IE University campus in Segovia, IEU has published a new book: "Art and History in the convent of Santa Cruz la Real of Segovia". Thank you very much to Susana Torres, director of Humanities, Cynthia Fernández and Igor de la Horra, from IE Publishing, for their support and great job.

  Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Center and the Archeology Unit of IE University, in AR&PA 2018
The XI Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage, organized by the Junta de Castilla y León, has been held in Valladolid between November 8 and 11.

AMARC-IEU: 12/11/2018
"Archeology, heritage and economic development" was the title of the given presentation at the AR&PA Technical Conference by Dr. Miguel Larrañaga, AMARC's director, in which he has presented the Business Plan developed for Tiermes from IE University Culture Lab.
On the other hand, the researchers Eusebio Dohijo and Pablo Arribas Lobo have defended the communication "Evolution of the archaeological value of a singular cultural heritage, the archaeological site of Tiermes (Soria) as an example", in the XI International Congress AR&PA, which counts in the committees of honor and scientist with the presence of Ms. Martha Thorne, Dean of the IE School of Architecture and Design, and the director of the Archeology Unit, Dr. Cesáreo Pérez, respectively.

  Dr. Miguel Larrañaga with IE Culture Lab students, in AR&PA. / PAL.  
  Emilio Illarregui Gómez (1962-2018)
On September 6, the dear and esteemed professor and archaeologist Emilio Illarregui Gómez left us unexpectedly.

EL ADELANTADO: 05/10/2018
The unexpected death has arrived in the celtiberian and roman settlement of Tiermes (Soria, Spain), when he was coordinating a project on Geophysical Prospecting that the Archeology Unit of IE University, the University of Marburg and the regional gobernment of Castilla y León had programmed for this summer at the archaeological site.

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  Emilio Illarregui Gómez. / MPS.  
  New publication of Miguel Larrañaga: "Around the origins of the Jacobean cult”
The work is part of the collective work "The Ways to Santiago in the Middle Ages", edited by Inés Monteira (UNED-AMARC) and published by the UNED and the University of Santiago de Compostela.

AMARC-IEU: 03/10/2018

  Archaeology for top managers
IE University projects seminars on leadership and decisions-making in the company in a Roman site.

EL PAÍS: 28/09/2018
The life of Cayo Julio César is a transformation of a manipulator in a leader, a man who was not afraid to surround himself with better people, but that ended up confusing ambition with greed and it finished with him. These reflections serve the writer, economist and consultant Javier Fernandez Aguado to explain some basic rules to the persons in charge of companies on leadership and decisions-making, among other many examples of the history with which he wrote the book "Rome, school of executives", published in 2012. Similar examples to those that he will return to use in the seminars that IE University has planned to offer to senior executives in Tiermes's Celtiberian and Roman site, in Soria.

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  Vestiges of the Roman forum, in the archaeological site of Tiermes (Soria, Spain). / El País.  
  Herrera retakes the archaeological excavations in the "Camino de las Ánimas"
The campaign is part of a research project promoted by the IE University that aims to understand the archaeological space related to the Legio IV Macedonian and its adequacy so that it can be visited.

This Monday began in Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia, Spain) the excavation campaign located in the Roman site of the Camino de las Ánimas, that will conclude on the 29th of this month. As in previous years, the work program includes, on the one hand, field practices consisting of excavation and recording of data and, on the other, laboratory tasks, with a basic treatment of the materials found. Apart from this, the participants will visit various archaeological and heritage sites in the province of Palencia.

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  Arqueología en el Camino de las Ánimas (RTVCyL: 25/07/2018)  
  Herrera hosts the III Conference of Archeology and Natural Heritage
Seven talks and a round table have been scheduled since next Tuesday, the 26th.

EL NORTE: 07/07/2018
Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia, Spain) will host from July 10 to 26 the III Conference on Archeology and Natural Heritage, which will pay attention to various aspects of archeology, ethnography, industry, zoology and nature. The talks will be given at the Casa del Cangrejo from 8:00 p.m. In the organization of these conferences participate The Archeology Unit of IE University, the Town Council of Herrera de Pisuerga, the Diputación de Palencia, the Institute of Estudios Pisoraca and the Casa del Cangrejo de Río (Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León), that belongs to the regional goberment of Castilla y León.

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  IE Culture Lab visits Atapuerca and the Museum of the Human Evolution (Burgos, Spain)
Students enrolled in IE University's Culture Lab travelled to Burgos to visit the archaeological site of Atapuerca.

AMARC: 09/06/2018
The trip was organized by the Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Center, and the goal was to analyze the local Heritage management system. This activity was complemented with a visit to the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos and the Experimental Archaeology Center in Atapuerca, to understand and compare different models of Heritage interpretation and divulgation.

  C-Lab students compare preneanderthal and homo sapiens skullsnext to the Elephant's Chasm, in Atapuerca. / F. Caso.  
  Didactics and Archeology
Students of Middle and High school take part in workshops on Historical Heritage taught by experts and researchers from IE University.

EL ADELANTADO: 02/06/2018
Several groups of students of Middle and High school from the Andrés Laguna Institute and the Concepcionists Mothers College of Segovia have participated in educational workshops about Archeology and Historical Heritage taugh by experts and researchers from the Archeology Unit of IE University.

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  Students from the Andrés Laguna Institute and the Concepcionists Mothers College carried out practical experiences in IE University. / El Adelantado.  
  Professor Emilio Illarregui participates in the Program of International Academic Research Conference "From craft to art. Ceramics: technology, decor, style"
Emilio Illarregui, professor at the Archeology Unit of IE University, presented the communication entitled "Roman painting pottery productions from the North of Spain" in this scientific meeting, held in St. Petersburg between May 22 and 25.

IE-UA: 30/05/2018

  Emilio Illarregui. / IE University.  
  The archaeological site of Tiermes receives the first edition of the "IE University Archaeology Spring Camp"
Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Centre organizes this activity orientated to the analysis of cultural Heritage and its models of economic management.

AMARC: 28/05/2018
Between May 24th and 27th a group of students of IE University from different academic specialities took part in these activity celebrated in Tiermes (Soria, Spain). Theoretical and practical workshops were combined to offer a perspective on different models applied to the management of the archaeological and cultural resources. This Spring Camp has been complemented with the visit to several patrimonial places located in the province of Soria, as Numancia, Berlanga, or Gormaz.

  Archaeological site of Tiermes (Soria, Spain). / J. Gonçalves.  
  The Archaeology Unit of IE University, in "365 reasons"
RTVCyL's magazine “Vamos a ver” deals with Archaeology in this chapter dedicated to promoting the values of Castile and Leon.

IE-UA: 17/05/2018
The Archaeology Unit of IE University took part in this section of the program led by Cristina Camell, which was dedicated to Archaeology and its heritage legacy as one of the values distinguished from Castilla y León. This program belongs to the “365 reasons” campaign powered by RTVCyL and the Regional Parliament on the occasion of the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of this Community.
  Vamos a ver: 365 razones  
  Students from Stanford and IE walked 115 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela
During five days the integration of the students of both universities was incredibly good, building networking bonds between the two universities.

IE UNIVERSITY: 05/03/2018

  IE University Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Center and the Archaeology Unit, invited to the scientific meeting "Conflict & Innovation"
The international meeting, coordinated by Drs. Michael Kunst and Florian Klimscha, was held in Lagos (Portugal) between March 1st and 3rd, and brought together specialists in Archaeology and conflict innovation.

IE-UA: 05/03/2018
Pablo Arribas Lobo, member of the Archaeology Unit and the Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Center of IE University, took part in this international meeting with the conference titled: "Fortifications, equipment and strategy in conflicts of Center-North Hispania, 2nd-1st centuries BC". He analyzed different aspects related to the main conflicts documented in this period. Prof. Arribas used data provided by some archaeological sites in which IE University Archaeology Unit, directed by Dr. Cesáreo Pérez, has developed research projects and excavations for the last decades.

  Fortifications in the Lagos coastline.  
  The IEU Archeology Unit presents the scientific journal Oppidum
In its 13th issue, the Journal directed by Dr. Cesáreo Pérez gathers the contributions of twenty-two Spanish and International researchers on Prehistory, Archeology, Ancient History, Heritage, Humanities, and other disciplines.

IE BLOGS: 13/02/2018
The image of a ceramic of Italian origin (terra sigillata itálica), unique and exceptional, from the legionary settlement of Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia, Spain), published by professors Cesáreo Pérez and Emilio Illarregui, decorates the cover of this new issue of Oppidum. It includes a total of thirteen scientific articles and 350 pages.

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